What To Do When You Get That Job Interview

Be Prepare On How To Answer Questions On Job Interviews. . .

“The purpose of this book was a bad experience I had on a job interview a few years back. I was not prepared. I hope this helps all readers to become better prepared for interviews.”
- Mildred Rivers


This book covers several bases of employment with different chapters for standard interview questions and interview questions for management positions. It also brings light to an often overlooked part of the interview process - the reference section.

Included is a list of questions that each applicant’s references should easily and readily be able to answer. It also prepares the applicant for questions to ask the interviewer. When you are looking for a job, you should be interviewing the employer as well and there is no better way to show interest in an employer than to ask intelligent and pertinent questions about the job and the company.

Graduation Diploma and Tassels

Mildred Rivers has been in the accounting field for more than thirty years. Over twenty of those years have been in management. As she grew up in life her parents taught her the importance of being independent and to enjoy life. 

Being a single parent had its challenges and rewards, most of her challenges have been overcome through out the years. One of her recent rewards as a single parent was seeing her daughter graduate from Montclair State University.

Mildred believes in putting strength in her work as well as working hard  and doing a good job.  When all three are combined this further illustrates how life's hard work can bring forth positive and well deserved rewards.  That's why she hopes this manual will make people look thoroughly at themselves, have goals set to be reached in life, and work hard at achieving them. 

Being prepared on interviews leads to having a successful interview which then gives individuals the opportunity to gain the job that they require in order for them to achieve their goals. 



Looking to serve High School and College graduates, Trade Schools and Individuals who have tried everything to get that "Dream Job" but still have not found the secret.

  • Stop bad experiences at Job Interviews
  • Be Prepared for any question
  • Know what to ask at your interview

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